25 May 2018 is the date on which the new data protection law called GDPR comes into effect in the European Union.

Even if GDPR is a EU law, its norms affects any company that processes data belonging to EU citizens, regardless of its country of incorporation. Drenalina EMEA is affected, too, and therefore we have taken steps to ensure that we comply with the new regulation.

Drenalina EMEA (Pty) Ltd. plays two roles: we are a Data Controller as far as your personal and company information is concerned (that is, the information you gave us when you subscribed to the agreement and that we use for accounting and support purposes) and we are a Data Processor for data related to your websites, web applications, email accounts hosted by Drenalina.

  • Our Privacy Policy describes how we operate as a Data Controller.
  • Our Data Processing Agreement (DPA in short) describes how we operate as a Data Processor.

The GDPR requires that our clients, as Data Controllers, conclude and agreement with us (as Data Processor) before they process personal data.

The Data Processing Agreement is an addendum to our General Terms and Conditions and is pre-signed by us.

Please print it out, sign it and archive it in a safe place alongside your company documents.

View our Privacy Policy here:

Download our Data Processing Agreement ("DPA") here:

Appendix 1 - List of Drenalina Sub-processors

  • Available upon request.

Appendix 2 - Security Measures

  • Available upon request.


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